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August 2015  —  Volume 1 Issue 1

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The next general meeting is September 19th, 9:30 AM (meeting starts at 10) at the American Legion Hall in Milford, 103 Route 2001.

From The Desk of The President

by Tony Ciuffreda


A good summer is ending and, spoken like a true old camper here, sadly fall is quickly approaching. As reported in this issue, we had our various SEPOA sponsored events, and there are many thank yous to go around to those who devoted time and treas­ure to have some community fun.


Thanks to Art Hulme and Irene Blanchard for coordinat­ing our Fishing contest; Next, Erica DiMarzio deserves an applause round for another fun annual Field Day, ditto to mother Joan and family, Shane Quill, Betty Kelly and others in helping Erica with that event Next, Kevin {Bacchus) Dowd, as chef and expert epicurean, and Sean Kemether, Betty Kelly, Joan DiMarzio and Shane Quill as food makers I procurers {a very busy group on July 25) in regard to the annual picnic (despite the stormy weather). I sincerely hope everyone and their families enjoyed the past few months of another Sagamore Summer and made it one for the ages.


I ask you all devote a bit of your precious time to focus on helping with issues of Sagamore governance. SEPOAs Board of Directors has provided you eligible members with a Board election ballot and an accompanying copy of the proposed 2015/2016 budget. As such, you will find that that budget follows last years or the pattern of previous budgetary expenditures as to where your hard earned monies are going. The Board urges your approval vote on this so "We can con­tinue to shepherd our slim financial resources and importantly, put those to use to maintain the quality of life and things that make this community go.


With regard to the Board election process, this issue con­tains several candidate statements and other commentary on government in Sagamore which are important things to read. Using the ballot provided, please vote for the official candidate(s) of your choice to help the others oversee your community government. It is important that you do vote. This is your community and no one elses.


Your vote is your connection to the political order and the rules, along with the physical function of the community and its infrastructure. Your vote helps guide the volunteer political leaders. Voting keeps this community a place of or­der and decoruma place to live, work your jobs, raise fami­lies and hopefully all prosper mightily in the upcoming year.



Treasurer's Report by Kevin Dowd


We have mostly finished up our expenses for Fiscal Year 2015. We spent $61,000 fixing the roads and another $17,000 repairing the entrances. We also put down $15,000 worth of binders on the new stretch of Ottawa lo help fix the repairs In place. We spent $6,000 on repairs for storm washouts. This year we also put some funds into the Showboat beach and spent a bit less than $5,000. Along with expenses for insurance, grass cutting and security, we spent almost all our revenue for this year.


Luckily, I have been getting payments for accounts in arrears and also several payments from banks for houses they have taken over. I still have some bills to pay so anyone with a balance is encouraged to send in a check! I will be sending out statements and letters to those with outstanding balances at the end of August.

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Beach Report by Kevin Dowd Beach Committee


The state of the beaches is good. After a wet June we have had some really nice days and I think the efforts of the B&R  committee have made a difference to the Showboat beach. We still have to deter­mine! the best action to take on the wet area at the bottom or the hill. We may close that area off and direct drop-offs to the left and through a new gate past the gazebo.


I am working to finish another bench at the end of the fence and to build a track for chair storage. If anyone wants some of the surplus wood, please contact me at sepo­ and we will allocate it when we are fin­ished.


Pets get to use the Beach, except during Summer by B&R

Currently, no pets are permitted on recreational common areas between the hours of 8 AM. and 6 PM, year-round. The Board has voted to change this to no pets allowed on the beaches between 10 am and 6 pm, from May 1 to Sept 15. Pets are allowed on the ball field or recreation area near the tennis courts as long as they do not bother other residents. As always clean up after your pets and remove their waste. Pursuant to Pennsylvania law.; all pets shall be leashed or kept under the control of the owners at all times. We can revisit this next August to handle any issues.



Do You Play Tennis?

The tennis court has a big crack that needs be repaired, but we are having a hard time finding someone for such a small job, I can get a large bucket of asphalt patch at Home Depot but who wants to help?


I can get spray paint and make a two inch template to paint lines on the tennis court but does anyone even care if we have lines on the Tennis Court? What about the basketball court? If you want to help, email


You can also email to vote for lines even if you can't help and does anyone want us to build a dog run in the grassy court? It would involve putting up a fence across the front and fixing the gates. We are planning on adding some fences at the basketball court.



The Chairman Speaks

by Sean Kemether


At the July general membership meeting,

Mr. Zell and Ms. Gorka voiced anger at myself and our President over the recent dissension on the Board that has led to the mass resignation of six members, a process that was described in the last newsletter and will not be regur­gitated here. four of these members attended this July meeting, but did not speak. Rather, Mr. Zell conceded that he was speaking on behalf of at least one of those six, the one who is his life partner, and appeared to be speaking on behalf of that group as a whole. The Board allowed these people to vent their spleen at this meeting and now will be putting the dissension to bed and will fo­cus solely on productive Board matters. In closing, the resignations were in the best interests of the community as a whole, and the President and I thank the six members for taking the proper measures in this regard.


Given this recent history of dissension on the Board, I at­tempted to reach out to the two new candidates Eugene Delamarter and Dan Buttaro who are running for the Board, in an effort to find out why they are running and if they are willing to work with the existing Board, as the Bylaws so require. I am somewhat distressed to report that, despite repeated efforts on my part including a re­quest that they come to a Board meeting in early August neither Mr. Delamarter nor Mr. Buttaro responded to me in any way.


My concern is that a failure or unwillingness to communi­cate with the existing Board is a warning sign that a candidate may not be willing to work with the existing Board in a meaningful or productive manner. I have seen nothing from Mr. Delamarter at all in terms of a statement of his intentions on the Board. The one that I have seen from Mr. Buttaro which he brought to the initial general membership meeting in May, 2015 suggests that he wants change and that, in his view, the existing Board is not serving the communities interests. When asked to explain what he means, Mr. Buttaro has to date simply ig­nored the request including an invitation to be a member of the Road Committee. While encouraging members of the community to be part of the Board is a good thing in concept, it is not if the members are unwilling to work with the Board but rather wish to serve personal or selfish interests. As we have seen from the resignation of the six board members, the question of whether one board member likes another is really irrelevant. The question is whether a board member can put aside her personal interests to 'Work with the existing Board and to serve the community as a whole. Obviously, the voters will have their say, but they and the community as a whole -- should be aware of these facts now, before ballots are cast.


in closing, I wish to commend my fellow Board mem­bers for a job well done this spring and summer. The roads are markedly improved, in a manner that was financially responsible. The beaches, in particular the Old Beach, also are significantly improved with plans in place to make additional improvements in coming years. The financial condition of the corporation is strong. We now have a not-for-profit conservancy that protects the natural state of a significant piece of land in the community, with the possibility of even more in the future by the way, donations of property to this conservancy result in a tax deduction for the donor, so please give some thought to making such donations if you are in such a position. We are strong and healthy and heading in the proper direction. Thank you.


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Parking is allowed on the lower level. Please park facing into the fence and at an angle left to right so cars can drive down on the left to drop off people at the gate. Large SUVs should park above. Golf carts and quads should park on the right side. As a courtesy, we should leave the lower parking for older people or those with children for those with bad knees!! but everyone should feel free to park there when the beach is not crowded.



Rocky Mountain Fever

It has been reported to us from a resident of Twin lakes that they have contracted Rocky Mountain Fever from a tic bite. It has the same symptoms as a deer tic bite (high fever, aches and pains, and other symptoms like the flu) but there is no bulls eye at the site of the bite. It is also larger than the deer tic. Residents are urged to be careful and take precautions when out-side near the brush and foliage on the lake. Several cases have also been reported from area residents as well. The Mayo Clinic site on the Internet can provide more information.



Sagamore Fishing Contest

It was a soggy start to the Sagamore Fishing contest on July 18 as morning rain kept some of the fishermen away. As soon as the rains stopped and the sun slowly peaked out from behind the clouds our contestants arrived. Carter, our youngest fisherman, caught a sunnie with his cool Spider-Man fish­ing pole while Sean and Dean caught most of the fish which were sunnies and a couple blue gill, the heaviest weighing in a 6.3 oz. Thirteen fish were caught in all be­ tween the three contestants. Everyone walked away a winner! Many thanks to our resident fisherman Art Hulme for removing hooks and weighing the fish and for the cool prizes! If anything it was a relaxing time had by all!



In Response To Public Request


Al the most recent general membership meeting, a small group led by George Zeff and Kathy Gorka asked the Board to inquire of it's solicitor, John Stieh, Esquire, on their behalf whether he would undertake to do a comprehensive review of and report on SEPOAs Bylaws. I forwarded this request to Mr. Stieh, who responded by starting that he has been SEPOAs attorney for more than 25 years, that any such undertaking on his behalf would constitute impermissible conflict  of interest, and that he would not do such a review for a group other than the SEPOA Board itself, and until such a review is not a practical use of SEPOA funds at the present time.

Terry Jeffrey: In Memoriam

By: John Troyan, Irene DeVito and Sean Kemether


Terry Jeffrey died on the morning of July 18, 2015 at home.  She served on the SEPOA Board for more than a decade, until 2010, and was one of four Presidents of the Board since SEPOA took control of the community in 1998. Terry's opinions were always valued on th board for their wisdom and brevity and she was a joy to all she met. She is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed to us here a Sagamore.


John Troyan:

On Saturday, July 18th at 8:35 am, I got a call that I knew was coming, but still kept hope that it wouldn't. Bob Jeffery called to ask me to come

over, because Terry had left us.


Terry was a great friend over the years. We enjoyed a special relationship. We were friends that didn't just care about and look after one another we

loved each other. Over 20 some years, we shared tears, laughter, water emergences, blizzards and all those things that make you close to someone.  The days when you are feeling defeated, sickness in each others family, joys of good events, all of it. We shared a genuine, sympathetic ear, and every conversation ended with her saying "goodbye Love".


Terry always had a way of lighting up when l called or walked across the street in such a way that not only made you feel great but also valuable and cherished by her. I laugh a little while writing this thinking of that devilish giggle as she elbowed me while making one of her candid observations and that roll of the eyes. If you spent any time with her you know what I'm talking about , I, like everyone, am a product of experiences I go through and the people I meet and know in this life. The very best of me Is the manifestation of the people in my life like Terry.


As I sit here writing this I can hear her saying "! don't want to put you out". Thats what she would say when I would call if the roads were bad and ask her If J could bring her anything home when I was done plowing snow.


As I sit here writing this I can hear her saying "I don't want to put you out.". That's what she would say when I would call if the roads were bad and ask her if I could bring her anything home when I was done plowing snow.


Terry, you're home now. One day I'll come home, too. I'll bring the papers, my friend.




Reflections By: Irene DeVito

None of us can really know what happened on the board of directors. We can be told but that telling will be colored by the person telling the story. We would probably get six different versions. Feelings have to be separated from facts. The fact is that while the president that they had elected was speaking to the entire board - six of the members decided that they no longer wanted to be there and left. They were subsequently told that that leaving constituted a mass resignation. And they sent letters of resignation to the board. That tells me that for some reason these six people did not want to be on the board. Did they have a problem with the officers that they elected'? And if so, why so shortly after the election? They don't seem to want us to know. Four of them attended the gen­eral meeting - not one spoke on their own behalf. They did not speak at all. They let others speak for them. That tells me that there is more here than they want us to know. There are things here that will reflect badly on them, best to leave them quiet. I think that we should give them their wish and move on to other things that have to be done and stop wasting time defending them. They are no longer directors of this community - let's con­centrate on electing new ones. There are bios of the people running for office elsewhere in this newsletter. Read them carefully, notice what is said and what Is not said and mark your ballots ac­cordingly. Vote!



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 Irene Devito:

Terry was my good friend. Her support during difficult times very often encouraged me to go forward and her ad­vice was always the best kind - but most of all will remember her for the laughter. She could find humor In the hardest of times and the best of times and we shared many a laugh over the years that I knew her. l will miss many things about her but that joy was her lasting gift to me and to many others. I am very sorry that I will never again hear her say "oh, hi" as though she was sitting there just waiting for me to call her and she was glad that I finally did. I won't be able to call, or speak to her, or see her  again but she will bide with me in my memories and in shared laughter.


Sean Kemether:

I met Terry and Bob through the Board. Torry told me on several occasions that she felt that she could not be the President; without my help. I told her what I am now telling you: she was more than capable of running this community on her own, if she wanted tn. However, she always chose the inclusive route.


Of course, she assumed a motherly presence on the Board, with always a calm head, a laugh or a wise crack and a pragmatic approach. Leadership the not the something that most people have the ability to be good at. leaving a legacy where no one could say a bad word about you is also very rare. Terry was able to combine the two: She led In a way that left all of us on the Board feeling valued and heard, and was great In putting people tn the right place with the right skill set. She helped keep the Board and the commu­nity together. She led in a very different way than I do, but I admired her style, valued her input and will miss her as a neighbor, a friend and an overall wonderful person.


They say that death comes in three. We wish to note here the recent deaths of two other residents of Sagamore Estates. John Egan of Twin Lakes Rd. and Paul DiLorenzo of Kyra Lane. We remember with joy when they were in our midst and grieve with their families.




Field Day

Field Day went as planned. Eria. DiMarzio and her trusty band of vol­unteers including her mother, Joan DiMarzio and Betty Kelly gathered together the players and proceeded to have a wonderful time. About 18 children ranging in age from 3 to 16 took part in the sack race, crab crawl and three legged race among others.


The ever popular balloon toss and target was a soggy activity. Ribbons were awarded as prizes and collected by Emily Davis who was the big winner of the day and her brother Jack.  Little Elijah was impressive and Emily, Sean, Dawn, Sarah and Ally also collected ribbons. All in all Erica said It was a successful Day!


The picnic did not fare so well. By the time Kevin Dowd and Sean Kemether were preparing for it, the skies had changed threatening. They went ahead with the plans and the food started to arrive. Kevin charged ahead with cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs and people were there to eat them-but  then we had the first storm of the afternoon. We clustered in our cars and the gazebo and under the tent that Shane Quill providentially provided and when the sun came out again regathered with a few more arrivals to get on with the business of picnic. We weren't at it long, when the skies opened up again-for real this time. Most everyone decided to leave including the cook and chief bottle, washers. The 2015 Community Picnic was wet history but while it lasted it was a good one!




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Meet The Candidates



Our annual elections are upon us. The 3 nominated candidates that are running for Board posi­tions are Daniel Buttaro and Ed Delamarter. Kevin Dowd is running for re-election. Some bios were not available for this issue of the newsletter.

Daniel Buttaro

My name is Daniel Buttaro and I am an Officer and Training Coordinator for the Shohola Twp. Volunteer Fire and Rescue in Shohola. I am also the owner or Mountain Medics CPR-EMR Training Center. I am a Board Member of the Pike County Local Emergency Planning Committee, (LEPC), as well as a member of the Keystone Incident Management Team IMT}. I am also involved with many other emergency management organizations and fire and rescue service. I am employed by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Forestry as an equipment operator arid fire fighter. I am also Den Leader for the Shohola Cub Scouts Pack 26. I live here in Shohola with my wife Christine and my two children Daniel and Leah.


We need change for OUR. FUTURE in OUR COMMUNITY. Community: a social unit of any size that shares common values.


There are Improvements that I would like to take a closer look at. Topping that list would our infrastructure, i.e., roads and drain­age. I would like lo explore the possibility our improving our current plan, and make sure we are directing the funds for projects appropriately. I also would like to see  if the possibility exists of building on our security in the community and exploring how  we can strengthen it. Being a parent, I would like to knowing that the younger children are minded especially in today's day and age. Better com­munication with the Board of Directors to the community as a whole. Another I believe that you will agree with me getting back a sense of community; we have lost that in some ways.


There are other topics that do come to mind and some that I probably don;t even know about. And of course, I am not saying I know it all, like anything this would be a learning process to some extent. But the fact still remains, what we have is not working.


In closing, I leave you with this quote:


"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."

                                                                                    — Anthony Burgess


It's not always easy to listen to another opinion, to possibly make.

Kevin Dowd

My name is Kevin Dowd and I am running for re-election to the Board of Directors of the Sagamore Property Owners Association. I have been on the board for a long time but this is the first year that I have been able to contribute a lot of time and energy. I have been Treasurer since last years organization meeting and was appointed the Chair of the Beach & Recreation  Committee this Spring.


Some of those improvements to the beach that the committee and I have instituted are additional sand, the new grill, new kayak/canoe/row boat launch, the new T dock,. lattice fencing and new bench. I'd like to thank Tom Keegan for helping in fa­cilitating these changes. I have always enjoyed helping with the cleanup and the cookouts and agree with all of you that this is a special place. More improvements are planned for 2016.


In earlier years I may haw been known as Mr. Cespino but Monica and I have been split for many years now. l gave her my house in Staten Island and I have hers here. We share our son Lam but at almost 16 he has little time for either of us I fear. l retired last year after 35 years on Wall Street. l have a B.A. in Mathematics from Columbia University and worked mostly in IT and Operations fur German banks. I spent the last ten years doing accounting, first MBS P&l processing and then systems reconciliations and balance sheets. i have put some of these skills to work trying to improve our financial reports and reduce our backlog of dues payments.


Thank you for voting for me and I will see you on the beach!




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Even though BBQ is fun, it is not something you want to do on a hot day. But you say, what about this nice rack of pork ribs? Don't I need to cook them on my grill on indirect 255F heat with smoke for five or ten hours?


Well no, not if you want to go to the beach. Most of us grill anyway and don't have time for BBQ. But by using a crock pot and then baking pan you can make Mustard/Vinegar-Tomato/Honey fusion ribs the easy way.


First. Buy a whole rack of ribs. Next go to youtube and learn how to remove the membrane and cut the ribs into sections. Then cut the ribs to size 3-4 ribs in a piece. Next, clean your cutting board, and replace the ribs.


Apply some dry spices to the meaty side ... some chile rub, some paprika, a bit of pepper and thyme. Now take some yellow mustard and rub all over; place them in a ziplock bag, add white or apple vinegar to cover and lay flat. Refrigerate overnight or for three hours on the counter. Drain the bag and place the pieces in a crock pot on high for two hours and on low for two hours. The pieces should fall apart place them meat side up in a large shallow Tupperware or a baking dish/pan. Discard or save juice.


Let ribs cool a bit Now sprinkle them with some Soy Sauce, maybe some hot sauce or dark vinegar and then use your squeeze bottle of honey to coat them and then baste them all over. Spread flat with meat side up again. Use a can of tomato sauce to coat the top. add some ketchup as needed.


Either pop in a 350° oven for 1/2 hour, or refrigerate and later nuke, bake or grill as desired. Tupperware allows you to take out one piece while the rest continue to marinate. Taste is a fusion of South Carolina and Kansas City. Thats good eating! And Easy!


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Cream Cheese Chicken by Irene B.


As much as I love to cook, I don't like it all the time. Fast and easy is the way to go. But I want to make it good. Summer and ovens don't mix for me. Bring out the crock pot. Start dinner in the mid morning, it's done at supper time! With this recipe, you can add or change certain ingredients to your liking or mix it up a bit! It's also great in the winter as a hearty meal on a cold day! I got this recipe from an internet friend several years ago and make regularly.



1/4 cup water

4-6 boneless chicken breasts

2-3 tbsp melted butter

1 pkg. of dry onion soup mix, ( or any kind of soup mix will do.)

1 can condensed cream of chicken soup or any kind of creamed soup

8 ounces of cream cheese, softened


Pour water in bottom of crock pot Add the chicken. Drizzle the melted butter over chicken then sprinkle with the dry soup mix. Cook on low for 6 hours, high for 4 hours.


45 minutes before done; in a bowl, combine the cream cheese and condensed cream of whatever soup you chose until smooth.


Remove the chicken on to a plate, set aside for a mo­ment. Whisk into the crock pot the cream cheese mixture until smooth. Replace the chicken and continue cooking on low for approx. 30 minutes.


My friend tears up the chicken a bit, doubles the soup and cream cheese, adds about 1/2 cup more water and serves it over noodles. I thought maybe over biscuits! The sauce is fantastic! I hope you try it:! Enjoy!


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Recipe Corner

Easy Fusion Ribs by The Griller ..

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